- Drivers Virtual Fake Id License Maker Card California

- Drivers Virtual Fake Id License Maker Card California - Drivers Virtual Fake Id License Maker Card California
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- Drivers Virtual Fake Id License Maker Card Document Requirements

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Document Requirements for Driver's License and ID Card
In compliance with the federal Real ID law, in 2010 Florida was one of the first states to begin issuing Real ID compliant driver's licenses and identification cards. This means that when you come to our office to obtain, renew or replace a Florida driver’s license or ID Card, you must bring original documents from 1, 2 and 3 below. All documents will be returned to you and your current driver's license or ID Card must be surrendered. Visit the Florida DMV's website for a complete listing of documents needed and other information related to obtaining your driver's license or ID Card.

1. Identification
Bring One (originals only):
If your current name is different than the name on your document below, see 1A.
Limited exceptions may be available if born 1945 or prior; contact us for more details.
  • Certified U.S. birth certificate (hospital certificate not accepted)
  • U.S. passport (may be current or expired)
  • Certificate of naturalization
  • Consular report of birth abroad
  • Permanent Resident (Green) Card (1A. does not apply)
1A. Name change due to marriage or court order
  • Government issued or certified copy of EACH marriage certificate (church certificate may be acceptable for persons born 1945 or prior)
  • Court order(s) that show your name change(s) (copy not accepted)
2. Social Security Number with the same name as 1 or 1A above
Bring One (original only) must show complete number:
  • Social Security card
  • W-2 form or 1099
  • Medicare or Medicaid card with your Social Security number
  • Any government issued document showing name and complete Social Security number

If you cannot locate any of the documents, but know your complete number - Drivers Virtual Fake Id License Maker Card and it matches Social Security records, an affidavit will be provided for your completion.

3. Residential Address – not post office box
Bring Two (of 2 different sources):
  • Bank statement, mortgage statement
  • Rental agreement showing residential address
  • Florida vehicle or vessel registration or title
  • Utility bill/hookup order
  • Florida voter information card
  • W-2 form or 1099

If you can locate only 1 document, an affidavit will be provided for your completion as the 2nd document.

Special Document Requirements
Veteran's Designation
  • DD214 showing honorable discharge
    Note: reduced fee with VA proof of 100% service connected disability
Commercial Driver’s (CDL)
  • Current Medical Card
Where to find your documents
U.S. Birth Certificate
Florida: Sarasota County Health Department
  • 2200 Ringling Blvd., Ste. 131, Sarasota,  941.861.2810
    Mon to Fri 8-5
  • 4000 S. Tamiami Trl., Rm. 121, Venice,  941.861.3528
    Tue & Thu 8-5, closed 12-12:30
All States: www.cdc.gov/nchs/w2w.htm
Marriage Certificate
Issued in Sarasota County: Sarasota County Clerk of Court- Drivers Virtual Fake Id License Maker Card   941.861.7400, Mon to Fri 8:30-5
  • 2000 Main St., Sarasota
  • 4000 S. Tamiami Trl., Venice
All States: www.cdc.gov/nchs/w2w.htm
Social Security Card
Social Security Administration  800.772.1213, Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri 9-4, Wed 9-12
  • - Drivers Virtual Fake Id License Maker Card 2001 Siesta Dr., Ste. 301, Sarasota
  • 1435 E. Venice Ave., Ste. 114, Venice
Military Document - DD214Id Good Fake Real Scannable
Where to get your driver's license or ID Card
- Drivers Virtual Fake Id License Maker Card Service Center Locations & Hours