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What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)? Mississippi

George, Cecil, and Charles received MIP's, on top of that Cecil was issued a citation for possession of a Fake ID.

This occurred in the State of Mississippi.
The two officers were undercover and worked for The State of Mississippi Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC).

Cecil is wondering what route he should take to fight his fake id charge. The wallet and its ID, credit card, money, etc., belonged to someone else that happens to have brown hair like Cecil and is over 21. Since Cecil didn't have his wallet and ID on him, they blamed assumed it was his. Cecil repeatedly told the officers the truth, but you know how that goes with cops. It truly was not his, he did not use it to buy alcohol, he didn't even have knowledge that that wallet was in the car.

How do you fight that in court? Are there any realistic ways of him getting out of this charge? What are the long term consequences of this charge for him? Will it affect future jobs and graduate school?

Also, when we were pulled over, the officers never informed us who they were or who they worked for. Could that possibly alter the case?

1.) Cecil (20), George (20), Charles (19)
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2.) George is the driver.
3.) We are pulled over in the Holiday Inn Express parking lot.
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4.) The two officers were ABC.
5.) They asked us if anyone in the vehicle was over 21, we informed the officers that none of us were 21.
6.) The officers claimed that they watched us load alcohol into George's truck at the convenience store.
7.) They asked for our ID's, George and Charles had their ID's present with them, Cecil had left his wallet & ID at his house. (The officers did not believe Cecil)
8.) Immediately, the officers commanded that we step out of the vehicle.
9.) Without asking for our consent or forewarning us, the officers began to search us and ordered that we remove our personal belongings from our pockets.
10.) After being frisked and them finding nothing, the officers once again without consent began to search George's truck.
11.) While diligently searching through the truck, an officer finds a wallet that did not belong to any of us.
12.) The wallet and the ID belonged to an individual that was not present at the time.
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13.) The officer immediately assumed that Cecil was using the ID as a form of false identification to purchase alcohol.
14.) The officer asked Cecil if he had any knowledge of the ID, Cecil once again stated that he had no knowledge of the Wallet and that he left his wallet and identification at home.
15.) Not willing to believe this, the officer shouted that we place our hands on the hood of the vehicle, and that we were under arrest and that they were taking us to jail.
16.) They continued to search the vehicle and found nothing more to question about.
17.) Once again, without forewarning or consent, the officers pulled the keys from the ignition of the truck, and proceeded to find the key for the toolbox of the truck.
18.) Immediately the officer unlocked the toolbox, and found alcohol in the toolbox of george's truck.
19.) Upon this discovery, the officers separated us and began to issue everyone citations for Minor in Possession of Alcohol (67-3-70).
20.) The officers insisted that the wallet and ID belonged to Cecil and that Cecil was lying about the knowledge and possession of the wallet and it's contents.
21.) Cecil was issued a citation for possession of a false form of identification (63-1-60).
22.) After issuing the citations, the officers said we were free to go.What is the name of your state (only U.S. law)?

You want all this for free all

Stand by for Flying Ron. He's not an attorney but he stayed a the Holiday Inn Express last night.


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The Mississippi false ID law (use/possession) is 30 days and/or $500. Yeah it can be a problem. You would need a lawyer to analyze just what happened and rather than what you claim to us has happened.
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